Recycled Cinema Recycled Cinema

Recycled Cinema

Recycled Cinema is the Archivio Aperto section collecting recent works in substandard film format, tied together by their featuring archive material. Short, found footage – visual and sound – films sinking in previous imagination, reinventing, rereading and reinterpreting stories with most diverse formal styles: they are intimate looks in the private microcosm, within the house walls, visions of cities, dives in History.  


In this short selection, the re-use of archive material is inclined to many branchings, technical combinations and narrative solutions, it intrigues new generations, leaving behind solid masters in a period of digital tension, numerical whirls and quickness. There is something calling for a retribution upon these authors, for them to look, watch and use again images which came before us, perhaps lightening, in the process, a path through our contemporary time.


Curated by Milo Adami, Vanessa Mangiavacca.

From 17th to 127th October
Online on MyMovies