Meshes of the Afternoon

Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
Thursday 16th September, 20.00 – 16mm live screening | Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Bo
From 16th September to 27th October | on MyMovies

Meshes of the Afternoon is my starting point […] In such a way that it was not so much discovering a new medium as finally arriving at home, in a world whose vocabulary, syntax, grammar were my mother tongue; which I understood and in which I thought.


Filmed in silence – the soundtrack composed by Teiji Ito was added in 1959 – Meshes of the Afternoon is an anxious and surreal portrait of the inner facets of an individual: neurotic associations, games of shadows and mirrors explore as never before the ghosts of the women’s psyche and identity, including sexuality. A poetic psychodrama whose centripetal narrative is modelled on the movements of the director’s alter egos – in a continuous extra corporeal connection between the self and the Other – within a suffocating domestic space. An obsessive pursuit that ends with a liberation, from which emerges the Deren subjective experience of the world and the desire to reclaim feminine power.




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In collaboration with Light Cone e Re:Voir Video.


Maya Deren

running time

14 mins

film format