Inchiesta di famiglia

Inchiesta di famiglia Private Cinema. Luca Ferro
From 8th to 27th October | online on MyMovies

A family research encircling Monferrato and Canavese in the decades over the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX Century revolving around Erminio Ferro, founder of the facility of the same name in Cuorgné. The stories of the ancestors, in their infinite uniqueness, almost always end up looking similar: recovering them, or perhaps, more ostensibly, getting a reconstruction mostly imaginary can shed light posterity, both present and future, about the meaning of their lives but above all it can provide a credible reason for our being. The style trait, necessarily and knowingly non-professional, is framed in the logic and the thought of Luca Ferro’s Private Cinema.


Luca Ferro, observations about Inchiesta di famiglia


«It’s not the high professional quality of image and sound I’m interested in, as a matter of fact I’d rather, and it is a preference partly forced by my limits and still real, imperfection and that which I like to address as the nno-professional (a different thing as compared to Brakhage’s amateur-ness). 


It is not just a trick to make a virtue out of necessity. In time I realized that it’s an added value, I mean it can be also considered as added value. In particular, when the waiver to the smoothness and to the pivotal layers defining professionalism both lead to highlight the immediacy of the video- and filmmaking practice, literally making the usual filters that (by standing in the middle) conceal the reality of the relation between that who films and that  being filmed (in the double meaning of filmed person and footage), returning to the work, especially in such circumstances when personal involvement is at its peak, a representation which is also “self-ethnographical” and then, to some extent, a true “authenticity”, limited to when we can use such an adjective as compared to the alteration inherent to the audiovisual practice.»


Luca Ferro

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