In the Mirror of Maya Deren

In the Mirror of Maya Deren Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
From 16th September to 27th October | online on MyMovies

I am not covetous. I do not attempt to seize most of your days. I am glad if, on those rare occasions when truth can only be stated by poetry, you will remember an image, even just the aura of my films – Maya Deren


Martina Kudláček ventures into Maya Deren’s biography through the witness of those people who knew her and worked with her. From Jonas Mekas to Sasha Hammid, Katherine Dunham, Miriam Arsham, Graeme Ferguson, Marcia and Amos Vogel, Rita Christiani, Chao-Li Chi, Judith Malina and Stan Brakhage: under their gaze, an intimate and hypnotic portrait of “a modern myth” is outlined, capable of drawing the most hidden sides of her personality, pivotal to understand the complex metamorphosis connected to the Haitian experience.


Martina Kudláček was born in Vienna in 1965. She studied cinema, with a specialisation concerning documentary films, at the Film and Television Academy FAMU in Prague. Accomplished director, she is mainly in the field of research and archiving. In 2004 she received the Film Preservation Award from the New York Anthology Film Archives.


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Martina Kudláček

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Austria, Svizzera, Germania