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Art & Experimental Film

Art & Experimental Film is the Archivio Aperto curatorial project rereading with a contemporary perspective the most renowned artists and filmmakers’ production in the golden age of small gauge films, retrieving their aesthetical and perceptual dimension. The project is carried out by Archivio Home Movies in collaboration with authors, archives, cultural institutions, galleries, independent curators.


This year the section features Comitati politici – Testimonianze sulle lotte operaie in Italia nella primavera del ’71: showed for the first time at the Galleria Milano for the inauguration of the ‘Falce e martello’ exhibition in 1973, this 16mm film was made by Enzo Mari with the working group of the students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Spring 1971. The film collects the exclusive witness of the union spokepersons, the employees and the workmen in the Minganti, Sasib, Comi Rhodiatoce, Châtillon and in the  Porto Marghera Petrolchimico.


Curated by Jennifer Malvezzi and Mirco Santi.

In collaboration with Galleria Milano.

From 9th to 27th October
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