A Study in Choreography for Camera

A Study in Choreography for Camera Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
Thursday 16th September, 20:30 –  16mm with live added sound | Serre dei Giardini Margherita, BO
From 16th September to October 27th – Original Version | online on MyMovies

More and more I started to think about working with the formalised, stylised movement of dance, about taking the dancer out of the theatre and giving him the world as a stage


A Study in Choreography for Camera marks, according to the critics, the birth of “choreocinema”: Maya Deren investigates and studies the direct relationship between movement – the absolute protagonist – space and the film camera together with the dancer and choreographer Talley Beatty, in a spaceless and timeless perpetual motion rendered by precise shooting and editing techniques. The Bolex 16mm rotates 360 degrees in “phrasing” – as Deren defines them – becoming Beatty’s partner. The collaboration between director and performer is extremely intense: in just three minutes the two have the ability to free the human body from the confines of reality, between inside and outside, exploring new possibilities of perception.



The film was intentionally thought soundless. We hereby present it live at the Serre of the Giardini Margherita in a version with added sound by musicians Francesca Bono (Ofeliadorme) and Vittoria Burattini (Massimo Volume) within the project SOUND IN TRANSFIGURED TIME in a free interpretation inspired to Maya Deren’s dreamlike and surreal world.




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In collaboration with Light Cone e Re:Voir Video.


Maya Deren

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