Trip After
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Trip After

Ukrit Sa-nguanhai

In the 1960s, the United States Information Service (USIS) mobile film units travelled around the northeast region of Thailand showing their self-produced propaganda films to rural audiences as a part of a psychological operation. The Community Development Worker, one of their most well-received works, was also filmed in a province in that same region.


«The sequences of the film The Community Development Worker were projected onto the different kinds of surfaces in the modern-day locations where the filming and screening took place back in the 60s.»

— Ukrit Sa-nguanhai



Thai, New Zeland







Origin of archival materials

Document Archives for the Narrations from: Report: The 8th Mobile Information Team Field Trip (Jan 15 - Feb 4, 1963.) Report: The 12th Mobile Information Team Field Trip (Mar 26 – Apr 12, 1963) Report: The 14th Mobile Information Team Field Trip (Nov 8 - 28, 1963) Report: The 16th Mobile Information Team Field Trip (Jan 15 - 30, 1964) Report: The 17th Mobile Information Team Field Trip (Apr 19 - May 2, 1964) Archive Film Footages from: The Community Development Worker (1963), a short documentary made by The United States Information Service (USIS) Bangkok for screening in rural areas for propaganda purpose. Film excerpt provided by Film Archive Thailand. Sherlock Jr. (1924), a silent film directed by Buster Keaton, Public Domain.


Ukrit Sa-nguanhai


Ukrit Sa-nguanhai


Khrueamas Films

Director’s biography

Ukrit Sa-nguanhai is a Thai artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. His works have been shown in several international film festivals and art exhibitions, including Sharjah Biennial, Locarno Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival. He has been interested in amateur film aesthetics, rural/ marginal film history, itinerant cinema, and collaborative work with local people. Currently, Ukrit has been developing his first feature The Itinerant.