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Lo stagionale

by Alvaro Bizzarri - Dcumentary. Story of an Italian workman emigrated to Switzerland
In Archive Bites 29.11 / 20.12.2020

Il Varco

by Federico Ferrone, Michele Manzolini - Documentary. 1941, an Italian soldier leaves for the Soviet frontline
In Archive Docs 11.12 / 13.12.2020


Fantastic Stories

The scale-model factory of a bunch of kids, and specifically a bunch of terrific kids
In Fantastic Stories 24.10 / 20.12.2020

Diary (1973 – 1983) / David Perlov

An intimate tale about Israel complex history (1973-83), through the eyes of a great documentary filmmaker
In Diary / David Perlov 24.10 / 07.11.2020

Il binomio fantastico

Tribute to Gianni Rodari's thoughts and acts
In Il binomio fantastico 25.10 / 20.12.2020

Cine-eccentrici / Mauro Mingardi

A new programme on independent filmmakers, amateurs and experimenters. This year, entirely dedicated to Mauro Mingardi.
In Cine-eccentrici 25.10 / 20.12.2020

Archive Docs

Documentaries which draws from the private archives to tell stories
In Archive Docs 27.10 / 20.12.2020

Art & Experimental Film

An Experimental and Art film selection from the Home Movies Archive
In Art & Experimental Film 31.10 / 20.12.2020

Recycled Cinema

Experimental Italian productions working on archival images.
In Recycled Cinema 13.11 / 20.12.2020

Archive Bites

Meetings and works concerning the history of film and amateur video
In Archive Bites 25.12 / 20.12.2020


Archivio Aperto

Archivio Aperto is the yearly programme concerning the rediscovery of private and unpublished film heritage: amateur, experimental, independent films and documentaries. An original archive exhibition which hosts the comeback of small gauge films (Super8, 8mm, 9,5mm and 16mm).

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