National Anarchist: Lino Brocka
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National Anarchist: Lino Brocka

Khavn De La Cruz

Did Lino Brocka really die from an innocent car accident? Or was he maliciously murdered by one of his enemies in the Marcos/Aquino administrations? This is Lino Brocka like you’ve never seen him before. Foaming at the mouth like the angriest dog in the world. He received posthumously the National Artist award — the highest honor given by the Philippine government — in 1997, six years after his untimely death at 52. But he considered himself an anarchist, first and foremost. His actual tirades serve as intertitles. Images, sounds, and music culled from his sixty-plus features. The ultimate homage and deconstruction of the man and his oeuvre. What if Lino Brocka was not a neo-realist melodramatic director, but an avant-garde experimental filmmaker?



 «Lino Brocka’s filmography put inside Khavn’s blender.» — Khavn










Origin of archival materials

Private Archive of Video 48


Furan Guillermo


Lino Brocka & Khavn


Kamias Overground


Furan Guillermo

Director’s biography

Khavn is a prolific, eclectic filmmaker, writer, and composer. He made his first film in 1994 and has made more than 365 films (50+ features, 300+ shorts) since, ranging from the grotesque to the romantic to the surreal and meditative, playing with different registers, modes, styles, attitudes, exploring the human psyche like a visitor from another planet. Khavn has written eight books of poetry, two short story collections, a novel, an anthology of contemporary Philippine poetry, and a film book about the Philippine No Wave. He resides in Mondomanila with his wife, his five kids, and seven cats.