Atlas Archivio Aperto

Atlas Archivio Aperto, the section dedicated to the exploration of archival cinema from other countries, pays tribute to the private memories of Argentina, with a selection of seven family films shot between the 1920s and the 1970s, preserved at the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires.


An Atlas drawn at Museo del Cine of Buenos Aires. Curated by Leandro Listorti


From my first forays into the world of archiving, I was attracted to the unclassified, the discarded and the unfinished. I transferred this fascination to my work as a filmmaker and archivist. In “La película infinita” (“The Endless Film”), the story is constructed from fragments of film material from Argentine films that were never finished. As one of the founders of ARCA (Archivo Regional de Cine Amateur) during its existence the collection, classification and screening of educational, pornographic, family films or simply unclassifiable and unidentified fragments were always one of the main objectives of our work. Since 2015 that interest could finally be framed in an institutional structure, an anomalous situation since in general that kind of materials were always undervalued and left aside by institutionalized archives. 

From The Film Museum of the City of Buenos Aires, under the direction of Paula Félix Didier, a group of passionate archivists, researchers, students, historians and filmmakers dedicated our time to rescue, identify, classify, preserve and project numerous materials that time and the lack of a strong political decision abandoned along the way. 

The following program is only a very brief sample of the different collections that the museum keeps in its vaults.


Acknowledgements: Lucía Ciruelos, Leandro Varela, Joaquín Pedretti, Douglas Machado.