Archivio Aperto 16th edition

Archivi Vivi – 16mm. Soul of a Century

Archivi Vivi – 16mm. Soul of a Century

Program curated by Paolo Simoni with Michele Manzolini, Elena Pirazzoli, Mirco Santi


It has been 100 years since the 16mm format was invented. A revolutionary format whose parable cannot be said to have ended, as this edition of Archivio Aperto also demonstrates. The 16mm literally changed the production of moving images at all levels, from the amateur and family context, for which it was born, to avant-garde, scientific and industrial cinema use, to wide professional use in independent cinema and television, literally seizing the spirit of a century.


The Festival’s tribute to 16mm is to be framed within the activities of Archivi Vivi, a project that aims to restore and enhance the film heritage of Home Movies, and in particular for this year’s 16mm archival holdings. The section consists of a screening of films restored with the support of the MiC – DGCA and soundtracked live and the presentation of the Bompiani Film Fund, whose recovery is the subject of an intervention also with the support of the MiC.