Archivio Aperto 16th edition

Soundtracking of archive images and films workshop

Soundtracking of archive images and films workshop

The soundtracking of archival amateur images and family films has, since its inception, been among the most widely used enhancement practices of Home Movies to restore to private stories and microcosms a sonic dimension that is more often than not absent. The 16th edition of Archivio Aperto is dedicated to the future of memory: which forms narrate the past, redefine it, or even forget it? What images to remember together, to perform the collective act of (re)creating the world? The Future is Memory.

During 2023, Archivio Home Movies also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the reduced format with the project Almanacco HomeMovies100, the daily programming featuring an archival film made on the same day during the 20th century, soundtracked ad hoc.

Thus, Archivio Aperto is launching the second edition of a three-day workshop curated by Massimo Carozzi and Laura Agnusdei in collaboration with Guglielmo Pagnozzi dedicated to the soundtracking of archival images, private images and family films, with a call open to musicians, producers, sound designers, music workers, filmmakers, and editors. Each participant will soundtrack two short films that will then be published within the Almanacco HomeMovies100 at in November and December.


You can register for the workshop until 8 October by sending your CV and a covering letter to