A film a year. Program 4: 1968-1976
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A film a year. Program 4: 1968-1976

A film a day: throughout 2023, Home Movies publishes daily a small-gauge format film stemming from family, amateur, or experimental archival collection, which is shot on that same day. Various events of this “short century” of amateur cinema, unfold into a full audio-visual calendar, followed by the changing of the seasons and attesting to the cyclical nature of time. For Archivio Aperto 2023, we propose A Film a Year, an anthology composed of Almanac’s fragments presented in five programs and shown in chronological order, from 1924 to 1989. One film to represent one year. The timeline as a stream to be submerged in. And so, once again, we will probe the relationship between amateur cinema and history. 


We will thus see the twentieth century in its making, recounting the “short century” or, in our case, the “small-gauge century.”



One film a year. Program 4: 1968-1976
1968. Elections, Pierino Bigi, 8mm, 3′.
1969. Absurd idea for a filmmaker – Moon, Gianfranco Brebbia, Super8′, 10′.
1970. Le tarantolate, Enzo Mazzeo, 16mm, 5′.
1971. Claudia’s birthday, Odd Family, Super8, 2′.
1972. The young wreck, Andrea Granchi, Super8, 5′.
1973. Today everybody on a bicycle, Andrea Lambertini, Super8, 3′.
1974. Italicus, Giampaolo Bernagozzi, 16mm, 9′.
1975. Feminist demonstration, Piero Orlandi, Super8, 5′.
1976. The little girl from Space, Enzo Magistro, 8mm, 10′.






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