Trascorrere con Laura

Trascorrere con Laura Private Cinema. Luca Ferro
From 8th to 27th October | online on MyMovies

The images that accompany Trascorrere con Laura have been mostly shot during Spring 1974: in a 2004 digitally reworked version more were added, superimposed, some taken from previous films, some from films of a few years later. In this final version, Luca Ferro added some frames, revealing the two different looks on Laura’s face. As an in-progress work, modifying and expanding at the varying of life experiences. Volatile, as the feeling towards those we love, when we spend an entire existence by their side. From the awareness of this mutability, there stems the need to imprint those moments, starting from the first waiting experience, of birth and nurturing of their first son. All of this filmed in its natural and unexpected “flowing”.


Luca Ferro, september 1st, 2021:

«Today, September 1st, 2021, twenty past six p.m. that I commence this text, it’s exactly 41 days, 15 hours, five minutes that Laura isn’t here. The images accompanying this creation of mine have been mostly filmed in Spring 1974. Then others, in a 2004 digitally reworked version, have superimposed, some taken from just earlier films, others from those of the following years.
In the farmstead next to the spring, which takes the centre of the scene, then lived Laura, recently-graduated psychologist, whom I had met the previous year. Together, as proved in the frames, we were facing our first experience of expecting, birth and rearing of a first child.
The shots at the wash-drinking trough didn’t come from a specific project, rather from the suggestion to juxtapose our own existences to the natural flowing of the water: a complex, but necessary, in-progress, natural and joyful. 


We weren’t even twenty, what to say!
The title “Trascorrere con Laura” (“Going By With Laura”) came exactly from that “passing” experience in its double meaning: that of sharing “the time of days” but also some kind of conforming to the flow of life, letting trustfully go to a higher plan of which we ignored the “outcomes” and that nonetheless instinctively “pushed” us, not without ambivalence, within.
Then, in 2014 indeed, I sensed that the images of that present day already embraced the consequences of the previous past and the previews of a subsequent future which would reveal in the double form of a “miracle”, the birth of a child, and tragedy, the death of a very young and dear friend. 


So, with the awareness of the maturity and the certainty that private audiovisual expression should embed those variations of the gaze that the filter of memory and the evolution of emotions both force upon us, without disowning or establishing a ludicrous hierarchy of “creations” in different times, I had prepared to adjust the previous work to my new perception.
Until today, 2021, in the occurrence of making those far images available to everyone for the first time, I add a few frames at the final part which reveal as then already two different expression of Laura’s face could bring forward the “deep truth” of a lived relationship, for five long decades, in the name of a recurring emotional swing, and still marked by a solid, aware, mutual, unlimited “passion”. Often desperately happy or conflictedely “in love”. 

Constant in its precariousness.

Always mulishly demanding.

Which can be summed up in a single adjective: intense.»


Luca Ferro

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