The Very Eye of Night

The Very Eye of Night Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
Friday 17th September, 20:30 – 16mm live screening | Serre dei Giardini Margherita, BO
From 16th September to 27th October | online on MyMovies

The Very Eye of Night was the last film Maya Deren managed to complete, as well as the longest and most expensive of her career: shooting began in 1952, the film was not completed until seven years later. The work is a stylised choreography, a “celestial ballet” made with the students of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School in New York that depicts cosmic individuals dancing – swimming, flying – in the night.


To render the nocturnal atmosphere, Deren prints the whole film in negative: “If the earth is round and turns what by day is an abyss, by night is heaven; and the life of the day and that of the night are one the negative of the other”. With music by Teiji Ito, The Very Eye of the Night is to all intents and purposes a metaphysical visual poem which, also influenced by Haitian culture, embraces a new form of experimentalism from which the primacy of the imagination emerges.



In collaboration with Light Cone e Re:Voir Video.



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