Shaping Negation / La forma negativa

Shaping Negation / La forma negativa Art & Experimental Film

From October 31 to December 20 | On Mymovies 

A self-parody film on Arnaldo Pomodoro’s sculptures and the art as “commodity”, shot together with Francesco Leonetti and Ugo Mulas.

The film, shot in 16mm, was initially addressed to American galleries, but differently from many practices of recording artistic images at that time, this film doesn’t document (nor it pretends to show) the artist’s manual work, but it tries to critically extract its meaning. Every reference to the time contemporary to the film is not related to the content, but it’s rather symbolic. We don’t see either marching students, or political iconography… but triumphalist pillars of power are finally split in two sculptures and the measuring (red) bar is shouldered as a shotgun by the artist.


Restoration curated by Home Movies and Kiné in collaboration with Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation and MiBACT contribution.
Concerning the screening, Courtesy Archivio Ugo Mulas, Milano.


Arnaldo Pomodoro, Francesco Leonetti, Ugo Mulas

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