Péter Forgács. Hidden Histories Péter Forgács. Hidden Histories

Péter Forgács. Hidden Histories

I put my films together like musical pieces. I make compositions on the basis of the material I’ve found.

They are personal interpretations of history, not documentaries aiming at objectivity.


Archivio Aperto XIV dedicates to Péter Forgács, one of the worldwide masters of found footage and pioneer of the archiving and re-working of amateur films, the broad retrospective Hidden Histories, with an online show of 10 films on MyMovies, a live screening of two films with Italian first preview and e workshop – both online and live – held by Forgács.


Through home movies, Forgács’s work offers the journey in a stream-century, the Twentieth Century, with all the tragedies that European history carries with it, among Wars and totalitarian regimes: a continuous reflection of past, present and future. His work is most plenty, masterful, which poses many questions to the viewer and offers a historical account from an ever-different point of view, often of those who lived unawarely those very events.


Forgács è un punto di riferimento assoluto per chi si occupa di immagini e archivi, una figura che – attraverso un’opera forse inarrivabile sul piano culturale ed estetico – ispira e alimenta il lavoro non solo di documentaristi e artisti ma anche di storici e archivisti.


Forgács is an absolute reference point for those dealing with images and archives, a figure who – through a work probably out of reach, aesthetically and culturally – inspires and fosters not only the work of documentary filmmakers and artists, but also that of historians and archivists.


Curated by  Michele Manzolini and Paolo Simoni.



A Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del film di famiglia di Bologna project,  within Archivio Aperto 2021 – XIV edition.

With the support of Comune di Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna, MiC | In collaboration with Dams50, Istituto Storico Parri, Kiné,

With the contribution of Unipol Gruppo, Lavoropiù and Coopfond, fondo mutualistico di Legacoop.

From 1st to 27th October
Live and online on MyMovies