They (Not) Always Remember.
Round Table Discussion About
Patrizia Vicinelli’s Poetry

They (Not) Always Remember.
Round Table Discussion About
Patrizia Vicinelli's Poetry
Patrizia Vicinelli

Sunday 26th September, 16:30 | Villa Aldini

They (Not) Always Remember. Round Table Discussion About Patrizia Vicinelli’s Poetry


In Villa Aldini, in collaboration with Patto per la Lettura di Bologna, within the Inosservanza festival curated by the Archivio Zeta theatre company, there is going to be a round table discussion to talk and think about the presence of Patrizia Vicinell’s work in the contemporary poetical context. The meeting is curated by Lorenzo Mari, poet and translator, and Beatrice Seligardi, comparative literature scholar, and will be attended by poets Loredana Magazzeni, Rosaria Lo Russo and Alberto Masala. 



Lorenzo Mari lives and works in Bologna. He published some poetry books, among which Querencia (Oèdiopus, 2019) and Tarsia/Coro (Zacinto, 2021). He edited ZURITA. 4 poemi (Valigie Rosse, 2019; transl. Alberto Masala) by Chilean poet Raúl Zurita and translated Trilice by Peruvian poet César Vallejo (Argo, 2021).


Beatrice Seligardi is a comparative literature scholar and most of her interest lies in the relationship between literature and visual culture. She is the author of essays and articles, such as Lightfossil. Sentimento del tempo in fotografia e letteratura (Postmedia Books, 2020). She collaborated with the Cineteca di Bologna as an instructional tutor. Currently she is a university tutor at the University of Parma. 


Rosaria Lo Russo, poet, performer, translator and essayist, was born in Florence, where she lives, in 1964. She teaches, reads, writes and criticizes her own and others’ poems – in this case, she rewrites them by performing: poetry is her art and her craft, her spiritual and material experience. 


Loredana Magazzeni lives in Bologna and works in the gender studies, poetry and translation field. She published collections of poems and curated several sylloges about female poetry. She is part of the editorial staff of «Le Voci della Luna» and «Poesia condivisa in Poesia 2.0» literary magazines. She took part in poetry festivals in Rome, Trieste, Modena, Bologna. She is part of the group ‘98 di Poesia and collaborates with Libreria delle Donne and Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne in Bologna.

Alberto Masala, sardinian, lives in Bologna. He is a multilingual poet and writer. He was published in Italy, United States, France. He is in anthologies in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Albania, Bosnia, USA, Iraq. He is a translator (Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Pey, Malina, Mereu, Hawad, Zurita). Over his career, beside directing artistic projects in Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, Bologna, Sardinia), he took part in theatre, cinema, radio projects. He wrote musical works and collaborates with musicians from many parts of the world with whom he performs in live concerts.



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Lorenzo Mari, Beatrice Seligardi, Loredana Magazzeni, Rosaria Lo Russo, Alberto Masala


26.09.2021, 16h30


Villa Aldini, Via dell'Osservanza, 35/A - Bologna