Miss Universe 1929
Lisl Goldarbeiter. A Queen in Wien

Miss Universe 1929
Lisl Goldarbeiter. A Queen in Wien
Péter Forgács. Hidden Histories
From 1st to 27th October | online on MyMovies

Lisl Goldarbeiter’s story, the most beautiful girl in the world. Raised in Vienna in a poor family environment, she started winning contests very young, and in 1929 was unanimously chosen as Miss Universe, the first and last Austrian one. Suddenly worldwide famous, she travels and gets several  job offers, even from Hollywood, but in the end she prefers to stay in her own country, marrying a rich Viennese.


Her cousin, Marci, since forever madly in love with her, is a passionate amateur filmmaker who films her and her family. With the Austrian annexation to Germany (1938) and the war, the situation gets dramatically out of hand. Persevering through time is romantic love. Thanks to Marci Tecnzer’s amateur images and Forgács’s masterful work, a very beautiful story can be finally told.


Péter Forgács

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video | B&W and colour






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