Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover

Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover

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Filmmaker, theorist, activist, dancer, anthropologist, in her short, intense existence Maya Deren opened paths and pointed at roads never walked before she did. Considered to be the godmother of American avant-garde cinema, her work was an incredible source of inspiration for several generations of artists and her influence is still very strong. Today more than ever she is recognized as woman filmmaker capable of establishing herself at a very young age in a male world, a forerunner evading definitions, thus troublesome.


Deren, a gigantic figure of the Twentieth Century as an European relocated in America between the two World Wars, now as then she is a fixed point of return and an unlimited source of inspiration for the production of images, thought and art. For this XIV edition, Archivio Aperto pays tribute to her cinema with a section dedicated to her, Amateur Is A Lover. Indeed, the title recalls Maya Deren’s ideology about freedom, both artistic and bodily, of a cinema without the compulsions of the industry and made with a lightweight camera, her own body, the senses, the mind.


Amateur Is A Lover goes through her complete filmography in the best restored version available, with both live film screenings and online streaming on MyMovies: among the works, an unfinished opus filmed at the Guggenheim Gallery of New York, a “family film” with the cat as a protagonist, a “posthumous” work edited with the footage of the incredible experience in Haiti about dances and voodoo rituals, two documentaries dedicated to Deren’s life and works, a musical operation on three of her soundless films and a reinterpretation of a ravishing text of hers, throughout archive images.


Live and on MyMovies from 16th September!



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