Invocation: Maya Deren

Invocation: Maya Deren Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
From 16th September to 27th October | online on MyMovies

Invocation: Maya Deren is the first feature film dedicated to Deren’s life and work. Made for the BBC in 1988 by British director Jo Ann Kaplan, the biographical documentary traces her filmography through the narration of actress Helen Mirren, original recordings of Deren and interviews with Hella Hammid, Sasha Hammid, Amos and Marcia Vogel, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas and Joseph Campbell. A choral narrative intertwined with sequences from his films: for each of them, Kaplan retraces Maya Deren’s intentions, the genesis and deeper meanings of her narrative and directorial choices, between symbolism and cinematic resistance, in an unprecedented mosaic of her entire artistic oeuvre.


Jo Ann Kaplan (1945-2016) was born in New York and studied art at the NY Hunter College. She started filmmaking in 1969. She lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1974 directing film and Tv programmes on many different subjects (mainly female) and with different formats, encompassing animation, dance and experimental films, documentaries and painting.

She taught editing at the National Film and Television School, at the Royal College of Art, at the Goldsmiths College Department of Media and Communication, and in other art colleges in Great Britain.


In collaboration with Women Make Movies.


Jo Ann Kaplan

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