Impressioni a distanza

Impressioni a distanza Private Cinema. Luca Ferro
From 8th to 27th October | online on MyMovies

Three blocks of 8mm and single8 home films, shot twenty years apart from each other and digitally unified in one frame, they talk, now individually – now simultaneously (in a split screen) of the evolution of the private, cinematographic eye, of media and amateur techniques. Of the eternal flowing of generations, of the impertinence of memory and the fatal snare of nostalgia. The three creations are enhanced by the text of the letter with which Luca Ferro’s father, in 1935, then a young officer in Ethiopia, made first contact with his mother.


 Luca Ferro on Impressioni a distanza and Private Cinema  


«I consider this work as an exemplary case of making Private Cinema.

WIth Impressioni a distanza I got back an old creation (1976) and I reworked it using the tools of digital editing, reducing it as compared to the starting duration and enhancing it with the text of the letter with which my father, in 1935, young officer in Ethiopia, made first contact with my mother. I added even a sound track.  I applied that which I have always believed in: that Private Cinema embraces those re-makes, those variants that the passing of time suggests, be it right or wrong, allowing the gaze to reposition its own look, to signify differently intuitions and previous feelings. Thirty years ago I was much more radical and abstract; less prone than today to the charms of memory and nostalgia.»


Luca Ferro

running time


film format

8mm, single 8


8mm (1935/36 e 1953/54), single8 (1974/75), digitally reworked version (2008)