El Perro Negro – Stories from the
Spanish Civil War

El Perro Negro - Stories from the
Spanish Civil War
Péter Forgács. Hidden Histories
From 1st to 27th October| online on MyMovies

The 1930s and Civil War Spain as seen in the eye of two amateur filmmakers. The first one, Joan Salvans, is the son of a wealthy Catalan industrialist, and he is a talented filmmaker, who is found dead with his father on July 14th, 1936, at the hand of an anarchist militant, six days after the break of the civil war. The second one is another young filmmaker, Ernesto Diaz Noriega, student of the Madrilen middle class close to republican ideas, arrested and put in jail . Ernesto manages to film his jail time, his release and the following way back to Madrid.


Forgács, through Joan and Ernesto’s images and other film material, largely unpublished, retraces the chaos in those years’ Spain, where the images of the conflict flow by weddings, births, street scenes, the view on a country split between modernity and underdevelopment.


Péter Forgács

running time


film format

video | B&W and colour






Tibor Szemzõ