At Land

At Land Maya Deren. Amateur is a Lover
Thursday September 16th, 20:00 – 16mm with live added sound | Serre dei Giardini Margherita, BO
From September 16th to October 27th – Original Version | online on MyMovies

 What I do with my films… I believe they are a woman’s film, and I think their specific temporal quality is the quality of a woman’s time.


At Land is a dreamlike narrative in which a female character – played by the director – suddenly finds herself on a beach to make a journey, a détour in search of her identity, meeting other people and different versions of herself. Deposited on the seashore by the waves, whose motions are governed by contrary laws, Deren gets up to enter the earthly world: alternating between anachronistic spaces, the subconscious of the protagonist is forced to come to terms with the myopic male vision that dominates society and the dominant film system. 



The film was intentionally thought soundless. We hereby present it live at the Serre of the Giardini Margherita in a version with added sound by musicians Francesca Bono (Ofeliadorme) and Vittoria Burattini (Massimo Volume) within the project SOUND IN TRANSFIGURED TIME in a free interpretation inspired to Maya Deren’s dreamlike and surreal world.





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In collaboration with Light Cone e Re:Voir Video.


Maya Deren

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